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Custom Events


The Dance Mile is highly customizable!  We can bring the Dance Mile to corporate picnics and wellness programs, fitness festivals, city and town celebrations, 4th of July parades, Turkey Trots, marathon weekends, and music festivals.

Is the Dance Mile right for your event?

  • * I need a high energy, family friendly, and accessible fitness event.
  • * I want to reach a demographic that might not otherwise participate in a social fitness event.
  • * I need to engage my non-participating event supporters.  They come to support family and friends but don’t actively participate in the weekend.
  • * My sponsors are looking for additional activations.  Including this high profile dynamic fitness event could mean a bigger commitment from my sponsors.
  • * I only want to work with professional, experienced, courteous, and reliable production teams.  I am looking for plug and play program additions. 


If any of these apply to you, please contact us so we can begin to design your Dance Mile event –