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What is The Dance Mile?

The Concept

Dance Mile is an amazing social fitness experience!  Grab your crew, don your costumes, and crush a mile of serious booty shaking!

Dance Mile is exactly what you think – 5280 feet of awesomeness led by a mobile DJ spinning all the hits!

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The Specifics

The festival starts with registration, a vendor village, professional dance acts, & ZUMBA warm up!

Highlighted by The Mile you and your friends groove for one hour on closed off city streets with hundreds of fellow participants!

The celebration continues with a cool down & sponsored post event party.

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The Rules

ANYONE can do this event! It’s all about cutting loose and being connected to everyone around you.

However, while we spread the joy of dancing in the streets we still need to be respectful of the community around us.

* No Alcohol – Dance Mile is an alcohol free event
* Please keep a positive attitude!
* Wear appropriate outfits

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= answers


Pre Dancing

  • What should I bring to the event?
  • Will there be food or water available?
  • Should my friends & I dress up?
  • What do I receive with registration?
  • Is the event family friendly?

Mid Dance

  • What kind of attitude should I have?
  • Can I rollerskate?
  • Can I run?
  • Do we Dance in the rain?


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Post Dancing

  • The Mile is over, now what?
  • What did The Dance Mile support?

Post Post Dancing

  • Where can I find event photos?
  • What should we do post event?

hype team

Join the Dance Mile Team!

What is it?

We need YOU to join The Dance Mile as a member of The Hype Team.  The Hype Team assists with pumping people up from start to  finish of the event, from helping spread the word leading up, to bib-bedazzling and parade dancing day of with the MOST enthusiasm possible!

Job Qualifications:

Ridiculous Enthusiasm

Start the party, join the hype team