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What is The Dance Mile?

The Concept

Why run when you can dance?

“I’d rather go for a run than dance” said no one, ever. The Dance Mile is a chance to get outside, be active, and celebrate the city with friends. This Interactive Dance Experience will guarantee you the time of your life. Grab your crew, don your costumes, and crush a mile of serious booty shaking!

The Dance Mile is exactly what you think – 5280 feet of awesomeness. Thousands of people will be led by a mobile DJ, spinning a playlist that is guaranteed to get your hips moving. The mile travels along city streets (closed to traffic) and concludes at an exclusive sunset finish line dance party with dance acts, food, and contests.

What makes The Dance Mile so great is that ANYONE can do it! Tell all your friends who won’t run a 5k that this is for them.

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The Specifics

The Dance Mile kicks off just before sunset. The parade concludes as the sun disappears below the horizon.  With pre & post Dance Acts participants get a full Dance Experience.  The after party continues until the club closes. The after after party will go until you fall asleep!

All participants receive an Official Dance Mile neon tank top, a bag of goodies, a personalized bib number, participation in contests, and pre & post event Dance Acts!

Due to space restrictions at the venues – registration is capped. Put your Dancin’ shoes on!

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The Rules

What?! Rules?! This is a raging dance party! Well, yes, BUT, we are in a public place and need to be aware and respectful of the community around us. Just because you feel like a rock star by dancing in the street doesn’t mean that laws don’t apply. So, as a registered participant, you agree to the following:

NO PUBLIC INTOXICATION. Once again, this is following along with the rules of the land. If you show up blitzed, you will be watching the Dance Mile from the penalty box. This is for your own well being, that of the people around you, and because no one wants to deal with a drunk idiot. Plus, this is an all-ages event, so out of respect for the rest of the group, please keep your partying to a healthy minimum pre-Dance Mile.

NO NUDITY. Yes, this is a rule. For the same reasons as above. We are in a public place, with lots of different kinds of people. Just because you think your sexy costume is cool doesn’t mean anyone else does. So save it for Halloween and wear something fun that you’d be psyched to show your grandparents. Remember, your picture is going to be all over Facebook/Instagram/ Twitpic/Flickr/Google for eternity after the Dance Mile!

NO BAD ATTITUDES OR BEING LAME. The Dance Mile is for one thing, and one thing only – FUN. Don’t bother coming if you have any other agenda. No making fun of people, no judging dance moves (that’s our job), no making inappropriate or harassing comments.

NO SWITCHING NUMBERS OR WRISTBANDS – We’ve all been to shows and festivals before, so we know how this goes. But since the Dance Mile is a permitted event on city streets, it is critical that we have a record of who is participating. We do this with bib numbers. Also, we don’t want anyone who didn’t actually complete the Dance Mile to get into the Finish Line Dance Party because that is your reward!


REQUIRED AGE – Adults (13+) Kids (5-12)  – No Infants or Toddlers Please

*Limited use of the Running Man will be permitted.

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= answers


Pre Dancing

  • Can I dance with my pet?
  • What do I receive with registration?
  • Can I bring my children?
  • Do we Dance in the rain?

Mid Dance

  • What kind of attitude should I have?
  • Can I rollerskate?
  • Can I run?
  • Can I be naked?
  • Can we drink during the parade?


Click a question to get an answer.


Post Dancing

  • Will there be food & water at the party?
  • I have a sick costume, can I win anything?

Post Post Dancing

  • What should we do post event?


it's literally that easy

hype team

Join the Dance Mile Team!

What is it?

We need YOU to join the parade as a volunteer dancer of The Hype Team. Dancers will be carrying radios or pulling wagons in the parade with speakers tuned into the same frequency as the DJ.

Job Qualifications:

Ridiculous Enthusiasm

Start the party, join the hype team